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Discover the new opus!

Empowered by the first Opus, the divas, now free, delve into the depths of their madness and whimsy with a new extravagant and colorful aesthetic.
In this latest opus, D.I.V.A takes it up one step further; the repertoire selection is bolder, exploring new works and sounds, shedding new light on 5 great operas, some of which are lesser-known to the main audience.
The characters evolve, unveiling new, more intricate facets of their personalities.



Above everything and everyone, she reigns over her kingdom. But she falls from her pedestal when she is bullied by the other divas.

PEACH solo v02.JPG


She is a Diva in all her splendour: dramatic, always exaggerating, crazy about herself, outgoing and with a great sense of humour.



She is a childlike, naive and adorable character. She sees no harm in anything and is happy about everything. She loves being surrounded by her 3 friends.



She is disturbing, seductive and manipulative all at the same time. This Diva is often angry, and the other 3 never fail to put her in her place.

Tailor-made Cast



Flora Philis



Marie Menand


Alexandra Hewson



Marie-Laure Coenjaerts


Covers: Clara Barbier / Amandine PerretStéphanie Guerin / Myrianne Le Ralle

String quartet

ViolinAlbane Genotat / Apolline Kirklar / Camille Garin / Alice Bourlier / Helene Decoin

Viola: Robin Kirklar / Vincent Debruyne / Emma Girblar

Cello: Mathilde Sternat / Barbara Le Liepvre / Justine Péré / Marwane Cham​

Artistic team

Artistic Director and Director: Manon Savary - Musical Arrangements: Stéphane Gassot - Text and Artistic Collaboration: Anita Robillard - Costumes: Manish Arora (Flore's dress: @ladymissboo / Marie's corset: @gillesasquin) - Lighting Design: Pascal Noël - Wigs and Make-Up: Christophe Mecca - Accessories: Maguelonne Pessaque - Choreography: Anouk Viale - Photographer: Jonathan Icher - Graphic Designer: Pascal Mendive

Technical team

Sound: Mylène Grau / Serge Lacourt / Ambroise Harivel  - Technical direction + lighting management:Ronan Le Magorec -  Tour administrator: Elisa Delaveaux

Production team

Tour Management: Promethée Production  -  Press: Pierre Cordier  -  Box Office: Talent Plus  - Advertising: Delphine de Chaillé  -  Network Strategy: Laetitia Citony

At the origins of the project: Flore & Marie

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